Location: Riley Street, Surry Hills

Project Length: 4 Months

Completion Date: June 2016


KOJO explores and embraces new forms of connection and collaboration to create stories that connect. Our client wanted their new work space to reflect this philosophy in a creative and “out-of-the-box” layout that could house their vast collection of storytellers, designers, filmmakers, VFX artists, event creators and creative technologists that are developing brand stories on a daily basis.


KEEDAH were responsible for all custom joinery design and installation for the project. KOJO required custom designed and built areas for various purposes to reflect the wide array of services and professions they house under their Surry Hills roof. These areas were divided by vertical climbing joinery and glass panelling reflective of the original warehouse that is indicative of the Riley Street area’s aesthetic and ambience. The open shelves, panelling, bench tops and work tables were finished in black and drifted oak which was complimented by sheaths of natural light and elegant pendants.


KOJO’s creatives think and make, and they do it across multiple mediums for multiple platforms. KEEDAH has created multiple work spaces, both intimate and communal to facilitate this potent mix of individuals and ideas which enables KOJO to tell their brand’s story like no other. KEEDAH has created and built a superb industrial chic environment that is both functional and beautiful, sparking creativity from every surface and corner.